Executive Team

  • Moose
  • Dirk Ellis
  • Pam Ellis

Moose, Director of Security

Moose can be relied on to scrupulously screen all visitors for compliance to his security protocol; No Sunglasses, No Hats, and No Uniforms are permitted to be worn on premises. All those who comply are met with his warm welcome and likely, a guided tour.

Dirk Ellis, Founder

Dirk’s passion for complexity and problem solving can be traced back to his early days as engineer in the then newly emerging aerospace investment casting industry. Pushing the envelope and challenging technology were the norms then and, became Dirk’s inspiration for founding Cascade Engineering Technologies. Dirk’s leadership provides the never-say-never attitude and unwavering commitment to quality that permeates Cascade. It is also the primary reason that today, Cascade is recognized as the leader for machining the most complex castings and hog-outs in the aerospace industry.

Pam Ellis, Owner / HR

As Dirk is the drive behind Cascade, Pam is the heart and soul. Pam and Dirk have worked hand in hand, together navigating the challenges of growing a small business and raising three children. Dirk will tell you that Cascade would not be half what it is today without Pam and the many roles she has filled to support the extraordinary growth. Most currently, Pam leads human resources and payroll.

  • Mark Kuzmovich
  • Devon Ellis
  • Pat Norquist
  • Mark Shirts
  • Jesse Guinn
  • Lynn Pastorius
  • Jonothan Smith

Mark Kuzmovich, Director of Operations

Mark brings to Cascade over 35 years executive and general management experience in critical aerospace machining. His career has included a variety of companies and product types, giving Mark a uniquely wide band of expertise. Since Cascade thrives on the complex configurations that most competitors avoid, Mark’s broad experience helps create the processes and assemble the team that can consistently rise to the challenge.

Devon Ellis, Director of Engineering

Devon’s insatiable curiosity and hands on approach have enabled him to accumulate expertise well beyond his years; he has grown up in the business and his passion for it shows. This progression at Cascade started as a janitor in high school, then part inspection and programming during college, to finally beginning his career in estimating. Now, Devon’s influence can be felt in most every aspect of the business from engineering, project management, estimating and IT.

Pat Norquist, CFO

Pat is a seasoned financial executive who began working with Cascade in 2013.  She has extensive experience in distribution and manufacturing.  Technically proficient in all aspects of finance and accounting functions, Pat is skilled in partnering corporate finance with the organization’s strategies, initiatives and objectives.  These strengths have proven to be invaluable as Cascade stretches and grows to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Mark Shirts, President

Mark’s passion for taking raw material and transforming it through process engineering into critical aerospace components is what fueled his 37 year career in aerospace investment castings. Joining Cascade was a natural progression in the product manufacturing cycle. Mark’s extensive investment casting and management expertise and his style for leveraging team engagement with business discipline provides the structure upon which Cascade achieves continually expanding business objectives.

Jesse Guinn, Director of Technology

Everything about Jesse is genuine, most especially his desire to tackle complexity. Jesse has been with Dirk and Cascade since 1997. Over the years, Jesse has been instrumental in the architecture and development of much of the intellectual property that defines Cascade as a leader in highly complex aerospace manufacturing. Alongside his regular duties as Director of Engineering, Jesse is intimately involved in the adoption of new technology, which will carry Cascade deep into the next several decades.

Lynn Pastorius, Director of Business Development

Although an engineer by education, Lynn has spent most of her career managing sales in the aerospace investment casting industry. She brings to Cascade an extensive understanding of the commercial aerospace market and a strong business acumen that enables Cascade to secure strategic growth long into the future.

Jonathon Smith, Director of Quality

At Cascade, there is nothing more valued than part quality, so Jonathon’s role is key. His engineering background and over ten years quality management experience in aerospace component manufacturing make him perfectly suited to manage and continually improve the quality system and organization to deliver compliant product, every time.