Positive Attitude. Accountable. Integrity. Driven.

Though the work we do is complicated and varied, what we’re about is simple. We deliver manufacturing solutions for aerospace structures and are the trusted source for our customer’s mission critical projects.

Cascade’s approach is unique. We use the latest technologies alongside our proprietary process that integrates metrology into every critical step of the manufacturing process. In this way, we can control dimensional variability inherent to investment castings as well as part movement during the machining of thin-walled structures. The result, Cascade can consistently deliver truly challenging components that meet or exceed the demanding specifications of the aerospace industry.

Our experienced team collaborates closely with our customers to understand their requirements and challenges and then develops a tailored manufacturing solution that addresses all. Through our collaborative approach, we accelerate our customer’s product development process and are a key partner to bringing next level aerospace solutions to market.

At Cascade, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our technical capabilities. We embody a set of Core Values that drive everything we do. We believe in the power of a positive attitude, being accountable for our actions, conducting ourselves with integrity, and remaining driven to the target of delivering high-quality aerospace solutions on time.

We invite you to learn more about our business and team. Our commitment to quality, compliance, and on-time delivery is genuine. We look forward to earning a position as your manufacturing partner of choice.